People who practice social selling outperform their peers by 78%

EC 30% More


Are you interested in using social media to generate more leads? Looking to expand and strengthen your relationships?

EC 30% More is a lead generation program that runs in the background while you sleep, freeing up time to focus on face-to-face meetings. This tool allows you to build your network, connect with people that use keywords you are focused on, understand your competitors' networks and capitalize on their new prospects. In today's world, the larger your network the greater your influence.

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Customer Intelligence Report

When selling to a person you never met, what are the words you should use? What is this person saying on social media channels?

Using artificial intelligence, the Customer Intelligence Report helps you understand how you should talk, engage and work with your customer. For example, it provides suggestions on how to communicate in stressful situations, the best way to collaborate and how to influence this person — everything about your customer before you even meet them delivered in one report.

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Example Customer Intelligence Report