Look professional and be found using the right keywords across social platforms

Change Reports


Do you and your team look professional? Are you digitally dressed for success? What does your digital body language say about you, your team and your company?

Change Reports provide you with an understanding of your digital capital. In one report you have everything necessary to look professional and be found by all search engines. We tell you how to make profile changes using the keywords that your prospects care about. This report gives you all the tools to transform your digital brand and prepare you for the next steps of social influencing. 

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From New York, London, Singapore, Sydney—our workshops are designed to engage your team in building their reputation and your company's digital influence. The ultimate goal is to increase revenue through influence and social selling.  

We drive revenue through people's networks, however, they first need to look professional and be found by search engines.  Once this is accomplished, employees start engaging with their network, the company's prospects and customers through the art of pre-suasion. Each workshop is customized to your company, industry, clients, competitors and is aligned with your sales strategies.    

Topics include:

  • Bootcamp Basics

  • Advanced Social Selling

  • Making Social Selling a Habit

Keynote Speaker


Think about how you help your people find balance in technology, social media, and content overload. Our keynote is a way to engage your people on pre-suasion, influence and balance while delivering on the benefits of social selling. 

The founders have mastered the art of audience engagement and physical learning. Primed with a passion for education and change, our keynote speakers use AI, drones and bots to share their knowledge on trending topics all digital companies should be educated on.

Topics include:

  • Hacking Attention and Distraction

  • Finding Balance in Social Networks and Technology

  • Content and Social Media Overload

  • Social selling and GDPR