Collaborative, innovative, fun, balanced, social selling and branding experts

Devoted to helping clients apply science to social networks. “Moving Influence” is a tagline that describes what we’re about on so many levels. Our people are experts in marketing, communication, technology, finance, sustainability, psychology and linguistics — a potent combination. With our customers' success, we quickly became known as the company that provides “the fastest path” to digital branding and influencing.

We were founded in 2008, with people in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Woken up to the new reality by our sons and daughters already fluent on social platforms, we leveraged the technology to help people move their "Influence" from the physical world to the digital world.  

Our clients presented a new need. Using "the next best practice" we built the tools, process and people to assure an effective brand and presence. Our customers outsource their social networking to Educated Change because their time is more valuable in face-to-face meetings. They trust us to do the day-to-day work that builds their social networks, presence and influence using science.

We developed award-winning technology designed to help our clients look professional, be found, engage, social sell, influence and deliver ROI from social networks. Educated Change is the first company to help executives balance technology with their real-world lives.

Peter Klein

CEO & Founder

Kevin Bryant

Shreya Bhutra

Alec Mackenzie

Kaitlyn Olson

Digital Brand Manager

Caitryn McCallum

Digital Brand Manager


Faith Mills

Digital Brand Manager

Georgina Mehta

Digital Brand Manager

Jharna Agrawal

Technology Leader


Samantha Miner

Social Media Brand Executive

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