The art of influencing a prospect before making contact is Pre-Suasion*

Pre-Suasion is the art of influence by capturing and channeling attention. Rather than seeking to change what people think, change what they think about instead by directing their attention. The changed focus primes, frames and sets the agenda for our subsequent choices. Smart influence happens before any meeting.

When applying Pre-Suasion to social media, the posting of relevant content can impact a prospects' thinking. As potential customers scan their social networks and see keywords, they subconsciously focus on keywords that match solutions to their problems. The synapses in their brains fire and build a neural pathway to a faster decision. Many business leaders recognize the significance of digital profiles but don't have the resources or knowledge to build strong, consistent influence. At Educated Change, we use science, AI and digital expertise to help organizations and senior executives effectively apply Pre-Suasion. Our clients set the stage before meeting a customer.

*Presuasion is based off the work of Robert Cialdini and his book Presuasion

“The process of arranging for recipients to be sympathetic to a message before they experience it”

Famous 4

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We think in terms of Communication when developing a client's personal brand to deliver influence through Pre-Suasion. These are the four areas we speak from when making conversation: Personal, Professional, Thought Leadership, Legacy or “FAMOUS 4

To understand your multidimensional personal brand, we use a structured process to help you translate your brand into a digestible format for social media that has focus and clarity. This focus helps move your reputation, turn your connections into warm relationships and engages your network authentically around shared values.