What executives should be doing now in preparation for the May 2018 regulations

Explore a process that allows your social selling program to deliver the 78% advantage while operating within the constraints of GDPR. 

Our company deals with social selling and vast amounts of data, making us experienced in crossing the GDPR void. We want to now help companies effectively and efficiently achieve GDPR compliance and social selling mastery in one program.

The process is based on the best practices of the world’s largest network of GDPR professionals, who bring practical and implementable suggestions to this compliance. We will recommend a phased timeline, allowing you to progress at your own pace depending on the context and complexity of your organization. The steps help you identify key business domains, data, processes, systems, applications and stakeholders that are impacted by GDPR.

Moreover, the team provides guidelines on how to effectively turn GDPR related business and legal challenges into opportunities to maximize business value from the work you will put in.

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