The People Strategy Platform

  • WA! is simple to use software-as-a-service that delivers custom content and finds, builds and monitors your networks so you and your team can deliver your digital influence.  
  • Network Development Program  is the Educated Change process for delivering social networking benefits for senior executives in a mindful, targeted, and strategic way; highly tailored to your goals and objectives.
  • Personal Digital Capital is the program that provides employee engagement for customer facing employees.  It starts with having employees being digitally dressed for success because their digital body language speaks for the company.  The Educated Change program is designed around an employee's learning and development program. Firstly, to have a brand that represents them and the companies goals, we measure their Personal Digital Capital Index (Sample) along with recommended changes they should make to their digital profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter, Google).

People Science

Engineered networking and purpose driven communication for people that want more than serendipity in their relationships.

  • What People Science does and how it works →  Optimize network connection opportunities at your conferences, events, forums, meetings, summits and across your company.  Using the latest Machine Learning and Natural Language Programing engines you engineer serendipity for participants.  We use this Tool
  • People Science Manifesto→  An open source belief that intentional relationships can empower re-wired communities to drive exponential impact.