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Stop looking at your phone

Stop looking at your phone

Go Grey

Here is a simple trick to help you lower the distraction level on your phone. Turn the settings to grey:

This makes real life the best option. One simple act messes up the millions being spent by user-interface designers. This is the trick to break up their party.


Settings | General | Accessibility | Accessibility Shortcut | Colour Filters: Once you made this change just triple-touch the home button to go greyscale or color. You still have it when you need it, but you are in control.

Remember you don’t have to stop using phones, just connect with intent.

Breaking Bad Attention Habits Hacking the Phone

Breaking Bad Attention Habits Hacking the Phone

Breaking Bad Mode is a simple phone hack, making it easier to be present in the real world and save you time every day.

When your phone is put into Breaking Bad Mode, people (other than your selected favorites) will get an auto-reply with a custom message. This relieves you of some social pressure and will get everyone thinking about their digital lifestyle.

The hack will make you less likely to be triggered by the feeling of being late in responding because the people who are trying to message you have been sent a reply that you are busy and that you are not just ignoring them.

BB Hack Final.gif

Breaking Attention

The Breaking Bad Hack will let people know you are in control of your phone. You decide who and when to use the phone, allowing you to be present in the real world.

Follow these steps to implement the Breaking Bad Hack, if you need to see the screens just keep scrolling:

Step 1: Open “Settings” and Tap “Do Not Disturb”

Step 2: Tap “Active”

Step 3 Tap “Manually”

Step 4 Go back to “Do Not Disturb”. Tap “Auto-Reply to”. Tap “All Contacts” Then: Go back and tap “Auto-Reply”

Step 5 Type the message that we’ve provided below or write your own. Feel free to customise your auto-reply to your own preference.

Step 6 Go back to “Setting” and tap “Control Centre”

Step 7 Tap “Customise Controls”

Step 8 Tap the + sign to “Do Not Disturb While Driving”

Step 9 Ready to go: You can activate Attention Hack mode by swiping to your control centre and tapping the car icon.

People that implement phone hacks free up 3 to 6 hours of time each week. Getting their time back from the Attention Merchants. Test it out and see for yourself.