Employee advocacy content delivery platform for engaging the hearts and minds of  your network 



Engagement is about turning complicated information into content that is easy to understand.  Our Digital Coaches optimize each engagement idea and write it as if you were talking.

Audiences are selected based on your 4 Quadrants© so you connect to the right people.  We look at both relevancy and reach to determine the people that will influence your customers, prospects and industry.

Based on your 4 Quadrants we research and select the stories you and your audience care about then we add #Hashtags & mentions so your comments have reach and impact. 

The Best Content

  • You select the focus area, subject or market, people research then we write an update, tweet or post.   Then it is ready for your edits or just hit send
  • Custom curated content with uniquely written tweets, posts or LinkedIn updates 
  • Curated content or use your companies content
  • Simple to use sharing platform for LinkedIn, Twitter, Google + and Facebook
  • Allows Teams to influence companies, markets and industries
  • 10-15 minutes a day to deliver influence across the major platforms 

The Educated Change solution has the features that allow your team to:

  • Target: Understand the digital profile of people within the target account. Who are the right people, what are the right conversations, what is the best custom content and when should you be sending it?
  • Audience:  Who should you be connecting to inside and outside the account to have the maximum influence
  • Knowledge: If you know their email you can tell what social networks they are using Know what keywords have the greatest impact, reach, usage for the industry and most important to the target account.  Understand how to use the right language.
  • Focus:  With the WA keyword tool you know who is influencing them on the social networks
  • Trending: Join the conversation authentically and leave the conversation at the right time
  • Competition:  Know what they are saying, who is responding, who they are influencing in the target account and what language is working
  • Measurement: Team, goals, reach and responses and prove ROI
  • Dashboard: Provides custom written tweets, posts and shares specific to the account and industry topics
  • Time:  Executives have limited time the WA solution allows you master Social Network communication for large account marketing in 15 min a day and that will build influence in the account
  • Are you ready:  The solution includes social network setup, education and training and support for not just the system but for your complete brand


  • Ability of teams to deliver focused messages into large accounts
  • Content that your account will read, will add value to their jobs and they care about
  • Allows team members to build their audiences
  • Improved page ranking on Google for team members
  • Build recognition for your brand
  • Generate business through your executives
  • Build the personal value, collateral and recognition for your executives