The Educated Change series of Professional Development Workshops are aimed at anyone thinking of or engaging in Social Networking/Media or taking Social Networking to the next level. 
Workshops include:
• Moving your reputation from the physical world to the digital world
• Using social for Account development
• SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for you and your team
• LinkedIn for business
• Twitter for business
• Facebook for business
• Blogging for business
Course length is 45 minutes to one day - dependent on subject and group size.

Moving Reputation -Workshop

“Leverage the Power & Reach of Social Media”
It is not a question of when to begin social networking and marketing, but how to engage and deliver business results.
If you are going to keep pace with today’s savvy consumer, then you must have command of the latest social media tools and know how to deploy them in your communication strategy.
In order to take advantage of the tremendous power and reach of social media, you need to start with a proven approach to give you a plan, the tools and the know-how to make social media work for you and your organization.
Our 45-Minute Moving Reputation course/seminar will give you everything you need to get your organization up to speed in the emerging world of social media marketing.
The seminar is more than an introduction to Social Media. It will be a wake-up call. You’ll learn practical tools, techniques and ideas that you can use to deliver ROI.

WA! Workshop

A 3-6 hour course that helps participants understand the Social Networking landscape, develop their own 4 Quadrants profile and Digital Engagement Plan and understand how to use the WA! platform.  

Section 1.  An overview of Social Networking, why you should care, the purpose of the program and what this delivers for your organization.  (1-2 hours)

Section 2.  A collaborative meeting to help the team define the themes, messages and critical elements of what they will be sharing over the next 12 months.   This is the team's time to define thought leadership in context with your company, team and market, the themes that will help the team gain market share, increase revenue, build customer trust and employee loyalty, motivate employees, create influence in the market, spur innovation, change and ultimately provide value to all stakeholders.    This section is required so Educated Change can curate the correct content and message in the right voice. (2-4 hours)

Section 3.  Learn how to use the WA! tool to deliver thought leadership, build audience and engage as digital leaders both internally and externally. (1-3 hours)

Digital Leadership - Workshop

"what you do, speaks louder than what you say" and you talk a lot about innovation but if you are not using SOCIAL in your leadership, you are missing the largest innovation, trend or shift in communication in the past 200 years.  

Research shows that not being digital can become a massive threat to the organization’s reputation, financial state and shareholder value.  Regardless of the executives “social state”, they don’t need to be engaged in the deep, on-going, real-time social conversation around their business but simply be an active listener to the open social universe.  That listening begins to break down silos and hierarchies that represent power over information (big data).  The value of advanced social intelligence through active listening is tremendous, particularly to C-level executives. Listening delivers advanced insight from across the open social universe (well beyond the limits of Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn) in providing intelligence on a wide array of strategic fronts.  

Courses are delivered at your site or at the Educated Change offices from groups of 5 to 1000.

Is there something missing? Google+ Pinterest, Instagram...  Contact us if you'd like training on any aspect of  being digital.

Peter Klein Speaking at an event