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Educated Change announces its latest product that helps executives Move Influence using Sales Navigator

Profiles set for success

We fine tune your profiles for success. This starts with defining your story, using SEO (Search Engine Optimization), to include your keywords and the keywords your customers use. We then adjust your settings (security, emails etc...) to help move you towards the top of LinkedIn and Google search. The Educated Sales Navigator (ESN) offering allows any executive to be safe online, engaged at the right level, and able to grow their influence across the major platforms.

Set up Sales Navigator

We get the system working so you only need to spend 10 minutes a day on social networking, focusing on customers, prospects, and the conversations that are adding value.

Monitor and engage

We monitor Sales Navigator to make sure you are engaging/communicating with your customers, prospects, and influencers by using proper engagement ideas, industry insights, and recommendations.

The LinkedIn products offer a number of benefits when used in conjunction with insight and a proven process. ESN is the insight, settings, and proven process that helps executives to realize value from LinkedIn’s products.
— Kevin Bryant

Contact us for details

UK   +44 20 3286 8877      USA +1 (941) 312-7479