The People Strategy Platform

  • WA! is simple to use software-as-a-service that delivers custom content and finds, builds and monitors your networks so you and your team can deliver your digital influence.  
  • Network Development Program  is the Educated Change process for delivering social networking benefits for senior executives in a mindful, targeted, and strategic way; highly tailored to your goals and objectives.
  • Sales Navigator   includes the setup, engagement and process for delivering customer and prospect leads.  Grow your business in 10 minutes a day

  • Change Report   provides executives with an understanding of their own digital footprint.  Are they digitally dressed for success?  What does their digital body language say about your people and your company?   Is your SEO working?  Are you talking in your language or your customers?  How does the employee compare to your customer, competitors and other company employees?  Do your executives and customer facing employees have a brand that represents the employee and the company's goals?  The Change Report provides the participant with recommended changes they should make to their digital profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter, Google) to achieve both company and personal objectives.