You get dressed appropriately every time you go to meetings, parties or the gym.  Yet most people fail to put the basics in place when presenting themselves online, across social networks or when they are found on a Google search.  The Digital Makeover gets you ready to be online.  

Step one is understanding what you look like right now, how easy you are to find and what it is people are finding Change Report.

Step two is defining what you want to be and what you want people to find.  Are there parts of your life that need to be cleaned up? What are the keywords or phrases that define how people find you?  These are all put into a Digital Engagement Plan that defines who you are, what you want to be, what voice you will be using, your 4 Quadrants of communication, your current and target audiences, what social networks you are going to participate in and how.   The Digital Engagement Plan then lays out the What, When and How you will deliver your digital presence.