All human interactions normally revolve around the 4 Quadrants© of communication.  These 4 Quadrants© are the same quadrants we use in all of our social interactions in both the physical and digital world.  At Educated Change we use those 4 Quadrants© to deliver your People Strategies.

Ask yourself; is your digital brand delivering the right message to the right people?  

The 4 Quadrants© help you build the profile you need to deliver your goals and ROI.

Trust is critical to engagement, as humans we tend to engage with those who we trust.  Trust is an element in each of your 4 Quadrants and required to be an engaging person. Trust is an asset that leaders must understand and manage if they are to engage in today’s social media world. As more people understand "Digital" they can sense the level of  trust in your social communications.  To deliver trust you must be mindful of how you put yourself forward on social networks.  Educated Change helps you do just that.